Professional Training undertaken by Internationally Accredited Professors

Are you interested in the active musical pedagogies?
Would you like to organise a training program in your own town, with an internationally certified professor?
In order to estimate the chances to organise this training program that will greatly impact your perception upon musical pedagogy, please answer a couple of questions below:

  • When would you like to organise the program in your town?
  • Who are you addressing it to?
  • What is the financial context of the event? Do you have financing for this event or do you plan to self finance it (with a participation fee)?
  • What is the logistic for the event? (for the active pedagogy trainings, involving plenty of movement, a large room is necessary (at least 70 m2), free of structural or design pillars that would segment it. In most cases, having a piano is mandatory).

Depending on your answers, we can evaluate the possibility of organising a workshop in the area of active musical pedagogy. These trainings address the teachers, musicians and therapists.
We thank you and look forward to receive your messages at

Yours truly,
Culture through Music Team