In order to complete the trainings organized annually in the country, the Association Culture through Music offers one or more scholarships for the participation to a musical summer school organized by institutions and NGOs dedicated to active musical pedagogies, in the country or abroad.

The solicitors – music educators having music as compulsory teaching subject – and the students in music pedagogy coming from specific institutions – conservatory, music university, music institute – will be selected based on a file that shall contain a CV and Cover letter.

The requirements may vary depending on the type of scholarship. Please access the following document to find out more about the terms and conditions for scholarships.

How do I apply?
The Application folder for the PMA Scholarship should include the following:

1. Letter of intent. This contains information regarding current professional activity and about applicant’s future professional intent.
2. Curriculum vitae. This will include the specialization courses (pedagogy, musical pedagogy, musical psychology aso) and the acquired expertise. Herein all specialisation courses shall be listed (pedagogy, musical pedagogy, psychology of music aso) and the professional experience acquired in the area of pedagogy.
3. A letter of recommendation from a professor, referring to the proficient and human qualities of the solicitor. Available just for students.
4. Employment certificate of an educational institution / Student counterfoil bearing the visa for the current year.

The complete dossier is to be sent by email at, until December 30th the latest.

* For summer camps, applications must be filled until the end of the current year.

Selection stages

Preselection: analysis of dossiers by the association committee.
Selection and additional details will be communicated by email to eligible participants, passing the selection process. In most cases, the selected participants will be invited to an interview with one or more members of the association and if the case may be, with a representative of the company offering the scholarship.
The list of selected participants will be published on the website