Culture through Music was first of all an international project gathering institutions and NGOs from three countries – Island, Hungary and Romania, proposing three different methods for active musical education. These three methods, worldwide renowned – Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff – have their applicability and benefits in various activity fields, not just in the musical field.

Lasting one year, during 2015 – 2016 the project initiated and led by Oana Cosmovici, developed and implemented together with the Arcub team, offered 12 events – two conferences and 10 workshops – led by international trainers, in Bucharest.

This was a great success, the project counted over 300 participants – teachers, students from the National University of Music Buchares, therapists and social assistants, musicians.

This was the first international project dedicated to inform and train people in the field of active musical pedagogy, in Bucharest and countrywide.

Strongly motivated by this success and wishing to offer professional training and high quality events for those interested in this field and for the great public, we founded the Culture through Music Association.

Through our programs we wish to promote musical education as basis for personal, social and cultural development.

We believe that music is an extraordinary resource, a medium and not simply a means of learning, emission and communication of humankind values for now and forever. We kindly invite you to participate to our programs and events and hope that together we can create a space where music is joy shared among people.

Culture through Music Team