About the Project

The Culture through Music project was developed by ArCub and financed by the National Bilateral Fund, www.eeagrants.ro.

The project had as major scope the collaboration among more countries – Island, Romania and Hungary – and cultures, in the field of music education. The novelty of this project resides in the gathering of more educational methods, such as Dalcroze, Orff and Kodaly, each with its own specific and perspective upon cultural cooperation.

As part of the project, the partners had a chance to present different methods and pedagogies related to early musical education to a public of professionals from the academic sector, school and preschool. At the same time, workshops and conferences held in Bucharest were focused on how to adapt these methods of musical education to the Romanian culture.

A separate section was suggested for exploration, namely the applicability of these methods to therapies for persons with intellectual deficiency.

Culture through Music Project

Project Partners

Project Scope


The creation of an active community of educators, trainers and researchers in the field of musical education, that shall generate new events in the future, all focused on the early musical education and the applicability of music in various fields.

The permanent collaboration with institutions from Island and Hungary in order to train professionals in the field of early musical education in Bucharest and country wide.

Attracting the public towards musical practice and active listening of authentic music.


Enriching and diversifying the principles and methods of musical education in schools and kindergardens in Romania.

Generating musical education projects for associations and institutions.

Raising awareness and sensibility for good quality music, among Romanians, as a major cultural component.


Developing new music courses, inspired by methods such as Dalcroze, Orff and Kodaly.

Raising awareness among great public for the importance of music and musical education.

Creating a media segment interested and responsive to the actions taken in the musical education field, with all its benefits.

Major Project Actions

15th of October 2015, 11:00: The Launching Conference

19-20th of November 2015: Kodaly Workshops led by Borbala Sziranyi, Kodaly specialist, professor at Kodaly Institute of Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Hungary.

28-29th of January 2016: Workshops dedicated to professionals working with intellectually disabled persons, conceived and led by Myriam Curchod, specialist professor in the Dalcroze method, member of Association Dalcroze Romania, professor at Jaques Dalcroze Institute, Geneva.

10-11th of March 2016: Dalcroze Workshops, conceived and led by Anne-Claire Rey-Bellet, professor and Dalcroze specialist, founding member of Association Dalcroze Romania, professor at Jaques-Dalcroze Institute, Geneva.

19-20th of May 2016: Orff Workshops, conceived and led by Kristin Valsdottir, specialist in Orff method at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Iceland.

28-30th of June 2016: The final Conference, reuniting specialists from various countries, approaching different musical themes, musical pedagogy and the applicability of music in various domains.

22 – 23th of September 2017:  Dalcroze Music Seminary for music teachers and musiciens