The Association Culture through Music thanks everyone – supporters, donors, sponsors and partners – for their precious support. Due to your generosity, the Association Culture through Music may develop its programs and activities to your benefit.

What do you support?

Through the partnership you support musical education in all its forms:

  • professional training for teachers, musicians and therapists

  • the organization of musical events (shows, concerts, conferences) specially conceived for the young public and for families

  • the elaboration of music classes in kindergardens and schools using instruments and materials that enrich the experience of practicing music in groups.

  • Motivating and supporting young people to study the active musical pedagogies, in order to become involved and active teachers.

How could you support us?

In various ways:

  • through donations in materials, instruments or money Donate

  • offering a scholarship for an educator or a student, in order to participate at a summer school in the field of active musical pedagogy  Scholarships

  • volunteering in the organization, for the good development of its programs and events. Contact us

  • constant and active participation to events, programs and projects that are addressed to you Participate

What are the benefits?

Each and every tiny support coming from your side means making our initiative to bring musical education to its core values – social liason, human kind development media, a means of expression for personal creativity and cultural in its most authentic way – a durable endeavor of ours.

Each and every child deserves a musical education that shall bring him closer to himself and to others.

Each and every adult deserves a musical education that shall confirm him socially and culturaly.

We’re working to make musical education durable!