Statement Regarding the Data Protection/Security

The safeguarding of your privacy while accessing our web site ( represents a crucial aspect for us. That is why, we hereby inform you on the details regarding the processing of the personal data. The Data Protection Officer adherent to the present webpage is the Culture Through Music Association, having premises in Bucuresti, str. Tache Ionescu nr.5, having the unique identifier 40480013. When using and processing the personal data, the Culture Through Music Association, strictly complies with the current legal provisions regarding data protection. The right to use the personal data and those anonymized, fall with the Culture Through Music Association within the limits foreseen by the law and complying with the rights of the data subjects, described as follows.

The present statement regarding personal data protection will apply only for the webpage and for the corresponding subdomains.

1. Data Security

In order to protect your data, the Culture Through Music Association, has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect especially against loss, manipulation or unauthorised access. The adopted measures are regularly verified and constantly adapted to the technical status. In case of a breach regarding your personal data protection, which is estimated to have a major risk consequence to your rights and liberties, you will be duly notified as soon as possible within a 72 hours timeframe.

2. Processing Data Partaking to Underaged Children

We hereby expressly bring to your attention that the entire personal data processing makes specific reference to individuals with the legal age of over 16. The usage of systems and tools, as well as the results of the personal data processing of users who are under the legal age, is forbidden without the consent of the parents/ custodian. In case such a data processing does take place, we will stop all such processing immediately after acknowledging this fact.

3. Collecting and Processing Personal Data

3.1. The Data Supplied by You

The personal data are processed according to the adherent current legal provisions. In case you maintain a correspondence with us or fill-in a data form from our website, please take into consideration that the data stipulated by you on that respective form will be processed within the purposes mentioned as follows (please consult article 4).

3.2. The Data Collected by Us

The website uses third-party cookies. For further information regarding the used cookies on our web page, please consult article 5 and the Cookies Policy.

4. Data Processing for which a Consent is not Necessary

4.1. The forms on our site

The forms found on our site When sending one of the forms, personal data from specific categories* (identification data, email address, telephone number, other fields as well as your request text) will be processed under the conditions foreseen by the present section.
Purpose: to answer your request
Basis: the legal interest to process individually your inquiries and to give a credible answer
Archive time: 3 years
The consequences of refusing: in case you do not supply such data, you cannot get in touch with us and we cannot supply the requested information

Within this purpose, the data will be communicated to Culture Through Music Association, and you will be contacted with answers to the inquiries addressed via the corresponding form.

*Exact data: Name/ Surname, Telephone number, Email address, Subject and request Text

5. Cookies and Social Plug-ins

Data is collected automatically by using Cookies. A Cookie is a small text file which saves the Internet settings. Almost each and every webpage uses this type of technology which is downloaded by your Internet browser at its first access of a webpage. For each subsequent access of this webpage via the same device, the Cookies and the saved information are sent back to the webpage that created them (First Party Cookie) or to another webpage to which it corresponds (Third Party Cookie). As such, the webpage recognises that you have previously accessed this page using the same browser, and the content displayed may vary.

For further information regarding the Cookies being used on our webpage, please consult the Cookie Policy.

6. The Rights of the Data Subject

When concerning the personal data processing, one may exercise the following rights:

6.1. The right to information

You can request a confirmation of the personal data processing and of the way in which this information is being used.

6.2. The Right to Rectification

In case we process incomplete or inaccurate personal data, you can request, at any anytime, their rectification or completion

6.3. The Right to Deletion

You can request the deletion of your personal data if the purpose for which these have been collected no longer exists, if the processing breaches the law, if their processing brings prejudice to your interests or if the processing is based on your consent, which you have revoked it. Please take into consideration that there can be other reasons which may prevent the immediate deletion of your data, for example, compulsory archive periods of time, pending actions, claims, the execution or defense of certain legal rights etc.

6.4. The Right to Restriction of Processing

You have the right to request a restriction on the personal data processing under the following cases:
You contest the accuracy of your personal data thus allowing for a subsequent period of time so we may verify the accuracy of your information
The personal data processing breaches the law, but you are opposed to their deletion and request a limited usage of these data
We no longer require your personal data for the purpose foreseen, but you still require these data within the scope of executing, exercising or defending certain legal claims or you have contested your personal data processing operations.

6.5. The Right to Data Portability

You can request to view your personal data which you have supplied to us within a structured, standard and visible format via technical means, to the extend to which we process such data based on your consent or by concluding an agreement; the processing being undertaken through automatized processes.

6.6. The Right to Object

In case we process your personal data for public interest objectives, before a public authority or in case we make reference to the necessity to defend a legitimate interest, you can object the processing to the extent to which there is a higher legal interest concerning your personal data. You can revoke your consent, at any time, regarding advertising messages without motivating your decision.

6.7. The Right to Lodge a Complaint

In case you feel as if we have breached the Romanian or European legal rights during the personal data processing and therefore bringing prejudice to your rights, please contact us in order to clarify any questions you might have. Furthermore, you have the right to address any Romanian Authority for data protection, respectively any European surveillance authority.

These rights can be exercised directly towards the Culture Through Music Association, via a notice sent to the e-mail address:

7. Contact Data

Culture Through Music Association, having premises in Bucuresti, str. Tache Ionescu nr.5, having the unique identifier Bucuresti, str. Tache Ionescu nr.5